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Zhejiang Star Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and design of electric diaphragm pumps, sprayers, car  washers, and other products for more than 10 years. 

Star company has a complete management system, lean production management mode, advanced equipment, efficient operation, stable product quality, and professional research capabilities, which has been highly recognized by users. The company's products are with the Brands of Starry, Junyue, and Imor. 

Star company has a complete industrial chain system for the full series of diaphragm pumps. It has several national invention patents and utility model patents. The products are widely used in agriculture, forestry, cleaning and sanitation, food and beverage, medical health, firefighting, yachting, outdoor sports, and other related fields. 

Star company has been offering service for more than 100 customers worldwide and provides customized solutions for dozens of well-known corporate customers. From consultation to design and development, from mold manufacturing to production  assembly, from professional testing to packaging and delivery, Star company has a professional team to offer you good service.  Star company has always been improving and innovating, providing global users with higher cost-effective products and conscious solution.



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